Our meeting place is in the East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District’s education building located a block north of Hwy 55 at 700 S. 10th Street.


For Tuesday, March 6th, 7:00 PM-- Our speaker will be Dr. Ladd Hagmaier.  Ladd’s presentation is entitled:

The Impact of Geology, Climate and Geomorphology on Early Man’s Travel Itinerary”

Please join us for the kickoff of our 2018 season!!

The Torrance County Archaeological Society is pleased to have Ladd Hagmaier as our March speaker, to talk about his interpretation of how early man migrated into different parts of the world.

Ladd Hagmaier received a BS in Geology from Eastern Kentucky University and his MS and PhD in Geology from the University of North Dakota.  He is currently retired and a resident of Torrance County, NM.  His professional career involved upstream research and exploration for energy mineral resources both domestic and international. After early retirement from a Major Oil Company in 2000, Ladd ran a sole proprietary consulting business until fully retiring to NM in 2006.     

Throughout the earth’s 4.6 billion-year history, climate has been in a constant mode of change.  This includes global climate changes, regional climate changes within the global changes and prolonged weather-related droughts and wet periods.  Man has not been in existence long enough to witness a global climate change, but the regional climate changes and extended weather extremes have had a significant influence on paleo man’s migration.  In addition to climate, topographic barriers and water features have both facilitated and inhibited migration patterns.  This presentation attempts to put the interrelationship of these parameters into a logical interpretation of how early homo-sapiens moved out of SE Africa into different parts of the world over a period of 150,000 years.  These are interpretations from a geological point of view and not necessarily archaeological in context.