Our meeting place is in the East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District’s education building located a block north of Hwy 55 at 700 S. 10th Street.


TCAS 2018

Our Tuesday, June 5th, our Meeting will be held at our usual meeting place in Estancia.

Our speaker will be Mark Wille from El Paso, Texas.  Mark’s presentation is entitled:

"A Virtual Tour of Alamo Mountain and the Surrounding Cornudas Mountains".

of the rock images found there, where to find them, and how to get to these amazing cultural resources to see and enjoy.


Mark Wille has been interested in Ancient America, it's people and their cultures, since he was a little boy.  He grew up in Missouri and worked summers on his uncle's farm. There on his farm near the creek was an ancient mound.  He and his uncle spent many evenings walking there and talking about who built all the mounds along the rivers in the Midwest and from there his interest has never stopped.  Mark is a high school teacher in El Paso Texas and in his free time he works with the Jornada Research Institute on mapping and excavating a pit house village. He also works with other advocates recording rock art sites for the New Mexico BLM. One of his favorite things to do is attend field schools during his summers off from school. He spent last summer in Transylvania excavating a Roman farm house, and this summer Mark will help New Mexico State University survey rock shelters close to the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces."

The Cornudas Mountains are isolated, lonely mountains in southern Otero County New Mexico, just north of the Texas border. On the rocks throughout these mountains are found some of the most beautiful and mysterious carved images made by human hands.  This presentation will explore some